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Happy Wife - Happy Life! Use coaching to foster your relationship and improve your Work-Life-Balance

Updated: May 24, 2023

Yes, the saying is a little older, but it's still true. If you can be sure that your wife is fine, that you have a good and loving relationship, and that you can rely on and support each other, then you have a good and happy life!

The relationship is a very important aspect of our life that we should not ignore.

In the business context, this is always accompanied by the overlapping of private things in everyday business life and of business topics in everyday private life.

If you have had a successful and positive day at work, then you usually carry that over into your everyday life. Your family perceives you positively, you contribute to a positive atmosphere and you are in a good mood.

In the same way, there are other overlays. If you had a bad start to the day, you quarreled with your wife, your children were exhausted or you had trouble on the way to work, then you also transfer these emotions to the professional context. Which usually leads to problems at work.

Emotional overlays can thus have a strong influence on our lives and influence situations positively or negatively.

But how can you control this? For some people, it is simply a gift from God that they have a very balanced character and can easily get through the day in almost all situations.

For all other people, measures from life coaching are available to work on their own self-regulation.

In principle, you can do it yourself. But let's be honest. Who of us gets up after a hard day to work on our self-regulation?

We are often not aware that we can influence these topics. We rather come to terms with the situation and take refuge in our hobbies. However, this behavior does not improve our relationship with our wife or our family. Rather, we enter a downward spiral and resign over time.

If this sounds familiar to you or if you experience a similar situation, then talk to me about your situation, and let's see if life coaching is a way for you to find your way out of your downward spiral.

Please speak to me. The first hour is always free.

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