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The place where solutions to your problems are found

At GRIFFOX we believe that suitable solutions can only emerge once we have understood the customer's problem. This also requires dealing with the specific environment and looking at things holistically. Authentic approaches, a bird's eye view and smart, useful solutions are necessary to solve the problem in such a way that the customer can be successful in his particular issue.

But let's not focus on GRIFFOX.

Let's focus on you and your problem. That is our objective. And it is the reason why GRIFFOX exists: to create “Solutions for Business and Life”.


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The story of GRIFFOX


I am Harald and I am the founder of GRIFFOX, happily married and father of 3 sons. I have worked in different health insurance companies for more than 30 years and have 25+ years of experience in management positions. I have successfully worked as Director of Customer Service, Director of Marketing and Sales, Director of Operations, Director of Internal Audit, Strategic Manager of Business Development, and Chief Compliance Officer. 

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In all these jobs, it was always important for me to be passionate, committed and solution-oriented in order to achieve the agreed goals and to foster the development of the companies I worked for. Since I like change, I have always felt very comfortable in the different projects and tasks. In doing so, it was always okay for me to work honestly and authentically, as I consider a trusting basis very important for a good working relationship.


For me, founding a company has a lot to do with taking responsibility and being passionate about what I do. Organized actions, goal and solution orientation and, above all, understanding your situation, goal, and wishes are guiding principles for my actions.


My professional attitude, which I was able to develop especially through my master studies in business coaching and change management as well as through my management career, helps me to act as a coach, strategy consultant, change management expert, facilitator or trainer and to work successfully with you.

What is the meaning of GRIFFOX?


In my professional career, I have become very aware of the importance of looking at problems and situations form different angles in order to achieve the best solution. In this respect, I have always been fascinated by the eagle, as for me it stands for the view from above - the strategic perspective.


What does the problem look like from above? Who is involved? What needs to be considered? What are the cornerstones and what needs to be changed? What is the given time frame? And with all of that in mind, what does the BIG Picture look like?

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On the other hand, in everyday professional life we are always dealing with people who differ greatly from one another in their actions and behavior. People have had very different previous experiences in their lives, and they will act different in specific situations. That makes it sometimes hard to deal with people, customers, managers, or colleagues. For me, the image of the lion stands for the personal and authentic side of life. Just as the lion plays a very strong role in the jungle, so do people, especially in the context of change. If people, who are involved in an organizational change process do not change, what does that mean to you? I care about the people, and I care about change. So, let’s look at some questions from the personal perspective.

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  • How do I change people who do not want to change?

  • How do I deal with strong characters who are important for achieving goals or management tasks?

  • What is my opinion when I am involved in a change process?

  • Is it ok for me to switch to another role?

  • How expensive is it for my company to replace employees who have worked for more than 10 years?

Lion and eagle together form the Griffin, which is a hybrid of the two animals. Ultimately, they bring important perspectives, like the strategic view and the personal view, but they don’t focus on the solution.

At this point, the fox has always taken the lead. Let’s not kid ourselves. The fox is exactly the type that gets to the goal in the situations that are problematic. He has the points in view on which it really depends and focuses solution and goal achievement in the process.


The combination of these three elements was then also the birth of GRIFFOX.

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