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How Change Management Training Helps Your Organization

Change is a necessary and inevitable part of life and business, but it can be challenging to manage and communicate. Change management training helps organizations and employees develop the skills and strategies to manage change effectively. It provides an understanding of the change process and how to navigate it effectively. 


We deliver professional change management training for your leaders, stakeholders, and employees. Precise, understandable, and up-to-date


Would you like to set up a change management team in your company, but need some training?


The professional GRIFFOX change management training is designed to help with different aspects of change and to make your team most confident and self-assured. In addition, you can learn new skills and procedures that enable you to act more flexibly in your daily work. Our well-experienced training starts at very different points.


Do you want to have individual training which contains aspects of different areas? No problem! We will advise you on all your questions, build personal training that fits best, and help your companies become most effective! We ensure the participants understand everything perfectly and can manage a change project as best as possible. Why?

Because we are genuinely interested in good relationships.

Unfortunately, there are too many training courses from different providers packed with a lot of information that don't have time to discuss individual problems and in which content is just played down. What do the participants get out of it? They often take too little content with them and have problems implementing the training.

Our solution-oriented training courses focus on conveying content, the participants, the problems, and progress. This puts the participants in a position to optimally transfer what they have learned, manage their change initiatives successfully, and reach the highest performance.


Frequently asked questions about
Change Communication Training (FAQs)

What kind of change management training do you offer?

We offer professional change management training that explains in-depth the whole change process, shows how to facilitate your project meetings in the best way, focuses on all aspects of change communication concentrates on the gaps where you need additional knowledge, input, and best practices, supports you in increasing your change management capabilities. We design professional change management training in different forms, and we focus on your needs, as it is important that the participants are delighted with our change management training.

Why do you need our change management training?

You need our professional change management training as we take a holistic view of change management and support you most effectively in different areas of change management. We analyze your needs for change management so that you receive the best training possible on those aspects of change management you need. Our well-experienced change management training is helpful as it focuses on your knowledge gaps and delivers answers and insights from several change management projects. We provide best practices to support you in your change management project successfully.

How does the GRIFFOX change management training help me?

Our professional change management training effectively focuses on different aspects of change management. We provide the proficient input you need to manage your change management project successfully. Our reasonable change management training offers (but is not limited to) the following aspects of change management: Strategic change management 1.Definition of vision and goal - How to start your change project? Methods for vision & goal purpose 2.Strategy & tactics - Insights into the development of strategical and tactical change management Project management 1.Project planning - case study part 1 2.Managing change - case study part 2 3.Monitoring & steering - case study part 3 Stakeholder management 1.Sponsorship - tasks, impact, and value of change sponsorship 2.C-Level & managers - importance of c-level-management / tasks and roles of leadership 3.Stakeholders - involving stakeholders in the change process 4.Customers & Clients - relevant aspects of change management information Change communication 1.Change communication strategy - how to start, aspects and risks of communications 2.Change communication plan - where to start - how to manage - how to communicate successfully 3.Communication tools - overview of tools and which tools to use in which situation to maximize your effectiveness 4.Resistance to change - identifying resistance to change and using resistance to build up trust 5.Personas of change - how to use personas for change communication - why personas can help you to build up communication that hits the core Leading change / Cultural & organizational aspects 1.The change sponsor - Why the change sponsor is crucial for the implementation of successful change and how the change sponsor should act? 2.Leadership - Analyzing your leadership style and helping you to improve your style of leadership 3.Agile change vs. classical change - Advantages and disadvantages 4.Cultural aspects of change - Overview of cultural elements - how they influence your change project and why it is essential to take care and use cultural aspects for change 5.Organizational aspects of change - Overview of administrative elements - How they influence your change project - Why it is important to take care and use organizational parts for change Change analysis 1.Aspects of analysis - what a change analysis should contain and when to carry out a change analysis 2.Questionnaire vs. interview vs. meeting - advantages and disadvantages of different forms of analysis 3.Tools for change analysis - which tools to use - how to be effective and efficient 4.Analyzing your data - looking into your data - what you can find - which predictions to make Psychological aspects 1.Awareness - What’s going on in your change project? How you can use micropolitics for change? Advantages of understanding your employees 2.Desire - Ways to help your staff to understand the necessity of change 3.Growth mindset / fixed mindset - Why does a growth mindset help to change? How do fixed mindset blocks change? And how to foster a growth mindset? 4.Resistance to change - Looking at the wall of resistance and how to act in different situations 5.Change curve - Understanding the Kuebler-Ross-Change-Curve and using it for successful change 6.Adapting to change - How can you support your employees in adopting change? 7.Coaching in change - Coaching supports your staff in moving from a current state to a future state - Why can coaching be essential in specific situations? 8.Celebrate success - How does it help your corporate culture to grow by celebrating success?

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Prosci® Change Management Practitioner 

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20+ years of experience in managing change!

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Our Experience
  • 20+ years experience in ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT

  • 20+ years experience in leadership development

  • 100+ successfully managed projects in OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE, ORGANIZATIONAL Change Management, and STRATEGIC PLANNING

  • 4500+ hours of Coaching, Training, AND DeVELOPMENT

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