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Does your Consent Management Comply with Data Privacy Regulations?

We Audit your Consent Management System


Consent management is critical to your business if you process data. With the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws in place, you must be aware of the responsibility to provide clients with a clear explanation of how their data is collected and used. A cookie consent management tool can help you do just that. Using a cookie consent management tool, you can easily create a notice banner that prompts visitors to accept cookies before they access your website. This ensures that you comply with GDPR and that your visitors are informed of your cookie policy.

Once the workshop is completed, our follow-up process guarantees that you can start to implement your strategy and successfully achieve your goals in the set time frame.

You need a consent management system in all areas where you process data based on consent. You must document consent securely and comprehensibly, as it is part of the GDPR requirements. We check if your consent management system is GDPR compliant. You must implement a consent management tool if you use cookies on your website or process your visitors' data through specific tools.

Our professional audit service takes care that your consent management tool is GDPR compliant and helps you to prevent high fines. We check all needed aspects of GDPR compliance and give you clear recommendations to help you to stay GDPR compliant. We have extensive experience in auditing consent management systems based on our professional training and certifications.


What Does a Consent Management Tool Do?


OK, let's imagine the following situation. A user visits your website, and your cookie banner shows up. The user gives his consent to all forms of cookies. As the GDPR states that you as the controller of the website are responsible and accountable for all data processing activities, you need to store this information. Furthermore, implementing a documentation and storage system is a GDPR obligation. So, if your website visitor asks you to declare that you have legally tracked him or her, you must be able to obtain this consent information.

In short, we can say that a consent management tool stores the consent information of every visitor to your website as long as he gives you full or partial consent to your website. The consent management tool will store this information for a specific duration.


Frequently asked questions about the Audit of your Cookie Consent Management Tool (FAQs)

What is Consent Management?

Consent management is an important process for companies in the digital age. With the introduction of new data protection regulations such as the GDPR, companies must ensure they comply with the rules around collecting and using user data. Consent management is the process of managing the data that is collected from users and how it is used. It includes managing users' data, tracking user consent, and ensuring users' privacy. Consent management is a vital part of data protection compliance. It helps companies comply with the GDPR and other regulations and build trust with users by being transparent about their data usage. Companies must obtain user consent before collecting personal data and keep user consent records. This ensures that user data is collected and used responsibly.

Why do I Need an Audit of My Consent Management System?

Consent management is a critical part of any data privacy strategy. Organizations must ensure that individuals are fully informed about how their data will be used and provide them with the ability to revoke their consent at any time. Obtaining and recording consent is the first step in any data privacy strategy. It is important to note that permission must be given informed and that individuals must be aware of all the implications of consenting. By asking customers to explicitly opt in or out of the use of their data, organizations can provide more personalized services and build better relationships with their customers. This benefits both organizations and customers, allowing organizations to understand their customers’ needs better and tailor their services accordingly. In contrast, customers have more control over how their data is used. Due to the requirements of the GDPR, the controller is responsible for demonstrating compliance with the processes used at any time. This means that the controller must prove that it collects data correctly, does not store it longer than necessary, and must be able to show when it deleted which data. In addition, the controller must be able to explain why data was stored. The audit helps you to be able to fulfill these obligations.


How does GRIFFOX Support Me?

Our international certifications as Data Protection Officers and Data Protection Auditors guarantee that the audit is carried out correctly and that we take care of all critical rules and regulations for you and your business. Be assured that you are in the best hands as we give clear recommendations that help you change your processes efficiently and cost-effectively. We check if third parties use user-friendly techniques, if used technologies are GDPR compliant, and which preferences are used to ensure data protection by default.

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