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Change Management Consulting Service

GRIFFOX is your full-service change management consulting service. We guide your team and your organization through times of change!

Agile Change Management for Your Success

Structured, iterative, and effective.

Unlock the Potential of Your Business with
Change Management Consulting Service

Change management consulting service is a valuable resource to help businesses transition to a new operational system, process, or strategy. Change can come at a high cost financially and in terms of employee morale. A professional guide in the process helps mitigate the risks associated with such a transition.

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By leveraging the expertise of a change management consultant, companies minimize the disruption to their business, maximize their performance, and increase the likelihood of success. The benefits and importance of hiring a change management consulting service are huge.


Change Management is complex - We make it easy for you!

A Unique Change Management Framework

We have created a unique change management framework in which our trained coaches help your company or team reach their goals when changes occur. By using our structured approach, we work with clients in various areas, including


  • Organizational changes like building up new teams or departments or merging different teams into one department

  • Corporate changes like building up new regional departments

  • Implementation of new products, production methods, hardware, and software, which are accompanied by significant changes in workflows

  • Personnel changes in growth situations or staff reductions

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • New or changed corporate strategies

The Advantages of Change Management Consultants

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Change management processes and structures require a change management approach to ensure successful implementation. Our change management consulting provides your company with the advice and guidance to implement changes efficiently and effectively. By using our professional change management consultants, we offer various services focusing on developing and implementing a change management framework.

This framework helps to identify the people affected by the change and the impact the change will have, as well as providing the tools and techniques needed to implement the change. The framework also helps to create a plan for communication and training and provides an evaluation process to measure the effectiveness of the change. Our change management consultants use various methods to help organizations successfully implement change, such as developing processes and procedures, providing communication strategies, and assessing and monitoring organizational performance.


Our successful change management consultants have experience in the field and identify the right approach for your organization. 

When booking GRIFFOX for your change management initiatives, we will take care of all central aspects, such as

  • Status quo analysis - Where do we stand?

  • Goal definition - What exactly should be reached?

  • Change management plan - What steps do we have to take? When do we have to perform the specific steps?

  • Change project sponsor - Who has started the change? What is the intention of the change?

  • Change project team - Who is involved? Who is responsible?

  • Timeline - Which steps must be taken to finish the project in time?

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We also help you create an action plan to achieve your objectives and hold your project team members accountable for following through on their commitments. Professional change management is valuable for companies that want to implement changes successfully, improve their processes effectively, or set up new corporate strategies.


Our unique change management process helps bring together companies, corporate culture, and employees closer to generate a shared vision and develop a plan of action for successful implementation. We provide consulting services to help companies design and implement change management plans tailored to their needs and goals. We have a team of experienced and certified change management consultants who understand how to implement change management plans effectively and efficiently. Our vision is to create an environment of successful and sustainable change for our clients. 

Implementation of 
Change Management Consulting Services

Our plan of action for the successful implementation of change management consulting services involves the following steps:

  1. We will begin by gathering information from your company by conducting a detailed analysis of the current situation. This will include examining your organization’s goals, objectives, and challenges. 

  2. We will then create a comprehensive and customized change management plan tailored to the organization's specific needs and challenges. 

  3. We will work with you to design and implement a comprehensive change program, including a set of tools, methods, and practices which will be used to support the change process. 

  4. We will support your organization's management, staff, and stakeholders throughout the change process. This includes providing guidance and support in communication, training, and stakeholder management. 

  5. We will provide you with regular progress reports and feedback and work with you to ensure the change process is proceeding successfully. 

  6. Finally, a change evaluation should take place, to evaluate the success of the change process and identify areas for improvement and additional support:

  • A comprehensive understanding of your needs and objectives. 

  • Develop an actionable plan tailored to your specific needs. 

  • A thorough assessment of the risks associated with the proposed changes. 

  • Implementing the plan with the help of our team of certified change management consultants. 

  • Regular monitoring and review of the progress of the change management process. 

  • Proactive communication to ensure the successful adoption of the change management plan. 

  • A commitment to ongoing support for our clients to ensure the success of their change management plans. 

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We are dedicated to helping our clients realize the potential of their operations, drive innovation, and reach their business objectives. Our consultants are committed to helping you create a successful change management plan tailored to your company’s needs. We will work with you to identify the existing problems and opportunities, design and develop a plan to address them, and implement the program to ensure success. We provide comprehensive change management services, including project planning and management, stakeholder analysis, process reengineering, and communication and training.

We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your change management plan is successful and thriving in the shortest amount of time. identity with goals and values. To achieve this, GRIFFOX's well-trained change management professionals use a wide variety of methods and concepts which lead to long-term improvement and, above all, ensure that your company continues to exist successfully in the market.


It is a powerful tool to implement changes fruitfully and sustainably, providing support, guidance, and accountability to help your company achieve its full potential.

Do you need support solving your business challenges?

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M. A. Business Coaching & Change Management

Master's Degree in Economics & Health Insurance

PROSCI® Change Management Practitioner 

Certified Project Manager

25+ years of experience in managing change!

We are certified!!!
Our Experience
  • 25+ years experience in managing organizational changes

  • 25+ years experience in leadership & employee development

  • 300+ successful managed projects in health insurance, Change Management, & organizational development

  • 4500+ hours of Coaching & Training individuals and Groups


GRIFFOX is a management consulting firm that delivers suitable solutions for organizational change. We follow holistic and authentic approaches to support you, your team, and your business with clear and concise answers. We specialize in Business Management Consulting, Change Management, Executive Coaching, and Strategic Planning. At Griffox, we find solutions for all the challenges in times of change.

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