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Becoming Compliant based on an
Individual GDPR Website Audit / GDPR App Audit

Our GDPR website audit helps you to ensure that your website or app is GDPR compliant, and it gives you an overview of necessary updates and changes. Our GDPR website audit includes the audit itself, your privacy policy, and your cookie policy.


Our audits focus on different aspects of GDPR compliance requirements:

  • What data is stored by your website?

  • How do you secure your website?

  • Is your privacy policy GDPR compliant?

  • How do you use cookies and the cookie banner?

  • Do you use forms on your website?

  • Do you need to take care of international data transfer?

We give you clear recommendations and the policies needed. This helps you to ensure that your website or your app is GDPR compliant.


Frequently asked questions about our
GDPR Website Audit Service (FAQs)


What is a GDPR Website Audit?

Conducting a GDPR website audit is an essential step for all businesses that handle personal data. A GDPR website audit is a comprehensive review of a website's data protection and privacy policies and is designed to evaluate how well the website complies with the GDPR compliance requirements. It helps to identify any areas where data protection and privacy policies need to be improved. The audit includes a review of the website's data collection, storage and processing practices and assesses the effectiveness of any data security measures that have been implemented. It reviews how user data is handled and protected, including the use of third-party services. Additionally, the audit reviews the website's privacy and cookie policy. Finally, our audit includes an assessment of the website's overall compliance with GDPR compliance requirements to identify any areas where further improvements can be made.

How does your GDPR Website Audit Help my Business?

Our GDPR website audit is an essential tool for businesses looking to ensure that their website is compliant with GDPR regulations. By undertaking a GDPR website audit, businesses can identify potential risks associated with data protection and make the necessary changes to ensure compliance. Our audit provides insight into how customer data is collected, stored and used, and identifies any areas of your website that may not comply with GDPR regulations. This helps businesses to understand what data is being collected from customers, how it is being stored and used, and identify any gaps in the procedures they have in place. The audit also helps to identify any design or built issues that could cause customer data to be collected, stored, or used in a way that is not compliant with GDPR regulations. By identifying any issues and making the necessary changes, businesses can ensure that their website is GDPR compliant, and that customer data is safely collected, stored, and used. Overall, our GDPR website audit helps businesses to ensure that they are taking the necessary steps to protect their customers’ data and reduce the risk of non-compliance with GDPR regulations.


How does GRIFFOX Support Me?


Our unique process ensures that all important aspects of website and app compliance are checked systematically. We will use different security tools to test how the website is performing and how data is collected. Furthermore, we will review the policies and other aspects of GDPR compliance like the obligations of user rights or how your cookie banner is set up. Additionally, we will check the website for technical and organizational measures and data protection by default. Our comprehensive audit will help you to be GDPR compliant. We give you recommendations to update your website, privacy policies, and security aspects of your website. Finally, we take care of all changes needed, discuss everything with your IT or marketing agency and advise them in the update process of your website.

What are the Risks of Not Performing a GDPR Website Audit?

In today’s digital age, businesses need to be aware of the importance of data security and privacy. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is designed to protect the personal data of EU citizens. The GDPR requires companies to protect the personal data of customers and to ensure that it is securely stored and handled properly. Not following GDPR regulations leads to costly fines. Additionally, if customer data is compromised, it could lead to a poor reputation and loss of customers. Not having the necessary procedures in place to handle customer data lead to data protection issues. Without an audit, it is difficult to identify vulnerabilities in the system that leads to data breaches. The audit will identify potential security vulnerabilities and data protection issues that need to be addressed. It also helps to ensure that the website is up to date with the latest GDPR regulations and security protocols.

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