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Our Strategy Workshop helps you to develop an Effective Change Management Strategy for Your Business

Change management is a critical part of any successful business operation. It involves changing a company's procedures, processes, policies, and strategies to stay competitive in the marketplace and keep up with the ever-changing business environment. A substantial change management strategy is essential to successfully adapt to new technologies and trends while preventing disruption to existing operations. 

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Maximizing Success Through a Change Management Strategy Workshop

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Our professional strategy workshop helps you to focus on the "Why" and on different perspectives to make your project successful. We help your business to focus on your value proposition, move forward and stay ahead of your competitors in the ever-changing business environment.


We are experts in facilitating your business strategy workshop and helping you choose the proper strategy workshop framework. Golden Circle, Blue Ocean Strategy, Future Conference, and Iceberg Modell are established methods, and all have their advantages and disadvantages. We help you to choose the perfect variant for your change strategy workshop.

Several companies have already chosen our experts to find the best strategy for them and formulate a vision, mission, and goal statement that helped them most effectively.

We have extensive knowledge in strategic planning and support you in the best way. Depending on the type of variant, we can perform all workshops analog or design digital workshops. They provide a platform to come together, discuss objectives, share ideas, and set goals for the future. By bringing together all the stakeholders, our efficient strategy workshop helps to create a shared vision for the business and is used to identify potential opportunities, current challenges, and solutions.

Our practical business strategy workshops are becoming an increasingly popular way for organizations to gain an edge in their competitive landscape. Designed to help identify and prioritize strategic objectives, our professional workshops enable organizations to maximize their competitive advantage. Tailoring to their specific needs and goals, key stakeholders are brought together to brainstorm solutions, develop action plans, and create a comprehensive strategy.

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Our efficient workshops will help identify your organization’s core purpose, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. It will also help build strong team unity, foster collaboration, and create an environment of creative problem-solving. Additionally, our effective business strategy workshops help companies better understand their competitive landscape, identify and assess customer needs, and develop a roadmap for success.

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Frequently asked questions about
Change Management Strategy (FAQs)

What is the GRIFFOX Business Strategy Workshop?

The business strategy workshop uses specific and individualized tools to set up your company's vision, mission, and goal statement. It can use, but is not limited to different questions, perspectives, and methodologies to help you develop your new strategy and find your value proposition. As a strategy is complex and focused on the long-term, it is important to take care of past, present, future, and trends. Our complete process assures that you can work on the content of your strategy and transfer these results into an action plan. During the workshop, participants will get an overview of the key components of a business strategy and create their most effective plan for the future. They will identify the organization's strengths and weaknesses and formulate strategies tailored to the organization’s goals and objectives. The participants will discuss the changing business environment and how to create a roadmap for the future that will help them make the right decisions at the right time. At the end of the workshop, participants will have completed an effective business strategy. With the right business strategy, organizations create a competitive advantage and ensure their success in the long run.

Why do I need a Business Strategy Workshop?

In today's ever-changing business landscape, companies must have a well-developed strategic plan to ensure success. A business strategy workshop helps you to develop your strategy, vision, mission, and goals. It gives you an overview of all important aspects and how to transfer those perspectives into an actionable plan. Furthermore, it provides trends, insights, and risks to consider when developing your strategy. The strategy workshop assures you include all aspects needed to build up your design best. During a strategy workshop, participants will develop an effective vision, mission, and values statement to drive the organization's goals. They will discuss the importance of setting measurable goals and objectives and identify and analyze the internal and external factors affecting a business. Participants will develop strategies to address those factors, evaluate the company's current state, and develop an improvement plan. After the strategies are identified, the workshop will focus on developing an action plan to implement the strategy. Participants will learn the importance of monitoring and evaluating results, developing an effective communication plan to ensure successful implementation of the design, and using data to inform and support decisions. Finally, the workshop will emphasize the importance of aligning the process with your company’s culture and values. At the end of our workshop, participants will have a better understanding of the steps needed to develop and implement a successful strategy. They will have the tools and knowledge to create the strategic and action plans necessary for their organization to succeed.

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How does GRIFFOX Support Me in the Strategy Workshop?

We focus on the questions that need to be asked before taking your next steps. The strategy workshop produces a strategic overview and helps you to start your change initiative. We ensure that the opinions of all participants flow into the process and that the participants concentrate on the strategy process. A strategy session's success depends on identifying and clarifying the overall desired outcome. This means that our experienced facilitators support you in getting an overview of the aspects that influence your company. Brainstorming helps you to get your general overview. By facilitating the general characteristics, we will go deeper into your environment step by step to create the perfect strategy for you. Based on these steps, we effectively support you in building your actionable task plan and timeline. Our facilitators ensure that you get professional insights from different perspectives, which help you develop your business strategy in the best way possible. By correctly identifying and clarifying the desired outcome, it is ensured that the meeting is productive and actionable. Knowing when each action item should be completed and assigning ownership helps ensure the desired effect is achieved promptly. Furthermore, a system to track progress and a method of accountability helps ensure the desired result is achieved. Finally, a plan to review the progress of the meeting allows for any necessary changes to be made to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved. Our professional facilitators support you in all aspects of the strategy workshop. The organization of the workshop, the preparation of the workshop, carrying out the workshop, the input of trends and strategic elements, risk management knowledge, metrics like KPIs, and tactical and operational aspects. Our professional strategy workshop framework is designed to bring together a team of people to brainstorm ideas, assess current strategies, and develop new ones in the best way possible. Use our expertise in carrying out strategy workshops that different companies have already benefited from. We will efficiently take care of all discussions to achieve your desired outcome. Inviting the stakeholders needed and becoming open-minded when attending our strategy workshop is crucial. Our professional facilitators will ensure that all participants are well-integrated, actively participate in the conversation, and contribute ideas. We also take care of the documentation of the whole process so that you may only focus on the strategy workshop. Once the workshop is completed, our follow-up process guarantees that you can start to implement your strategy and successfully achieve your goals in the set time frame.

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