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Maximizing Performance with Change Management Coaching

Our change management coaching is a type of coaching that helps you and your organization navigate change. Change is a constant in life, and it can be difficult to adapt to new circumstances or situations. We provide you with a structured approach to change, help you to understand the change process and develop strategies to manage it effectively.

Change management coaching aims to help you identify the benefits of change and overcome the challenges that come along with it. It will help you to stay focused, motivated, and engaged during times of change and to develop the skills and tools you and your team need to navigate new situations successfully.

Change management coaching is particularly valuable for your company undergoing significant change, such as mergers, reorganizations, or technology implementations. It is an effective way to build resilience and adaptability and to help you and your organization thrive in the face of change.

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We offer Change Management Coaching for 

  • your teams, managers, and executives

  • your project managers and project management team

  • you during strategic and organizational change processes or transitional situations

  • you in all change management projects

  • you on your path to a growth mindset

  • you in organizing chaos

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Let’s talk honestly. You want to take care of your change project by yourself. You want to keep your change project costs low, but you need a coach, mentor, and change expert in some specific situations to discuss particular issues, help you with your challenges, and see what options you have to accelerate your change.


Our distinctive change coaching supports you precisely in these situations. We have extensive experience developing sustainable change and helping you find the best solutions.

Frequently asked questions about Coaching for Change Management (FAQs)

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What is Change Management Coaching?

Our change management coaching is a specialized form that helps individuals and organizations successfully manage change. Change is inevitable, and individuals and organizations need to learn to adapt and thrive in the face of it. Our change coaches help by providing guidance, support, and accountability to help individuals and organizations recognize and identify their strengths and weaknesses and develop the best strategies for your business. Our change coaches use various methods to help individuals and organizations manage challenges to change. They provide a supportive environment and help individuals and organizations to identify and implement strategies that will help them successfully manage difficult change situations. By providing guidance, support, and accountability, we at GRIFFOX help individuals and organizations navigate change and develop the skills and strategies necessary for successful change management.

What are the Benefits of Change Coaching?

Change coaching helps individuals and organizations develop the necessary skills and knowledge to make successful decisions and actions and create a sense of ownership, responsibility, and accountability for the changes.  Change Coaching helps individuals and organizations to stay in charge of their change project, to keep external costs on a low level, and to provide the change project with additional knowledge of a professional change management agency. If you ran into situations which are complex or don’t have just one good solution, you can select our change coaching to discuss the actual problems with our professional change coaches. They will hop in the project, analyze the situation, and discuss different solutions with you. With the support of a GRIFFOX change coach, individuals, and organizations can stay on track and reach their objectives.

How can Change Coaching Support my Project?

Our change coaching supports you by keeping the project costs low and advising you in complex change situations. Whether you have questions about your change communication plan, how to find a strategy that fits, which leadership style is best for your, or which methods and tools to use for increasing awareness and desire for change among your employees - we at GRIFFOX pay the best attention to all your questions and are your reliable and well-experienced experts.

Why Choose GRIFFOX, if I Want to Stay in Charge of My Project?

We understand you want to stay in charge of your project and achieve the best performance. Based on our extensive experience, we can jump into your project at any point and support you in any way needed. That doesn’t mean that you will lose control over your task. Our professional change coaches will ensure you get all the necessary information without losing control. Consider us as your partner! In the end, we help you to be successful with your project.

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M. A. Business Coaching & Change Management

PROSCI® Change Management Practitioner 

25+ years of experience in managing change!

We are certified!!!
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