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Creating a Change Management Communication Plan for Successful Implementation

The success of any change management plan is contingent on effective communication. Employees may feel confused and frustrated without an effective communication plan, leading to a less successful change management process.

An effective change management communication plan is critical for ensuring a smooth transition from the current situation to the desired outcome. It is essential to ensure that all stakeholders know the changes, their expectations, and how the change may impact their roles. In this blog post, we'll discuss the importance of a change management communication plan, key factors to consider, and strategies for successful implementation. 

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Change Communication Plan


A Change Management Communication Plan is essential for successfully implementing organizational change. It should include information about the change, the objectives of the change, the timeline for implementation, and the stakeholders involved. It should also have a clear plan and strategy for communicating the change to your stakeholders, including when and how to communicate it and what messages should be shared. The change communication plan should also detail how feedback and questions should be handled and how input and questions should be incorporated into the overall strategy. This will help ensure that all stakeholders have a thorough understanding of the change and will help foster a culture of learning and acceptance of the change. Lastly, our plan will include an evaluation process to ensure the change is successfully implementedand the goals are achieved. 


Change communication is no rocket science, but it can be tricky sometimes and is always mission-critical. Your change communication strategy is essential for a successful organizational transformation. Our professionalcoaches support you in your decision-making process and put your collaboration to the next level.

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We will 

  • analyze your corporate culture to find the right communication style

  • create your change communication plan

  • prepare all single tasks of your change communication plan

  • support you in all your questions concerning your change communication plan

  • answer questions to your project participants and stakeholders

  • find alternative solutions for your organizational transformation

  • start communications on different levels of your organization and share employee feedback.

Are you struggling to communicate changes within your organization? Don't worry - we can help! Whether it's asking questions, receiving feedback, engaging in two-way communication, or effectively implementing changes, our team is here for you. Get in touch with us today, and let's get the conversation started!

Frequently asked questions about
Change Management Communication Plan (FAQs)

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What is a Change Management Communication Plan?

The change management communication plan overviews all activities needed to perform your change management project successfully. Using a change communication plan will help you inform all your change project team members about what kind of communication must happen at what time. Therefore, it contains all needed communication channels, topics, single messages, the complete timeline, the person in charge of the project, and the recipients. A change communication plan is a strategic plan that outlines how an organization communicates changes to its stakeholders, such as employees, customers, suppliers, investors, and the general public. A change communication plan aims to ensure that everyone impacted by the change understands the reasons, the benefits and risks involved, and what they need to do to support the change. Our change communication plan typically includes the following elements: 1.Objectives: The specific goals that the communication plan aims to achieve, such as improving employee understanding and engagement, reducing resistance to change, and increasing buy-in. 2.Stakeholder analysis: An analysis of the different groups of stakeholders affected by the change, their needs, and how they prefer to receive information. 3.Key messages: A set of consistent, clear, and concise messages that convey the purpose of the change, the benefits and risks involved, and what the organization expects from its stakeholders. 4.Communication channels: A list of the communication channels that will be used to reach different stakeholder groups, such as email, social media, newsletters, meetings, and training sessions. 5.Communication timeline: It outlines when each communication activity will occur and who is responsible for it. 6.Metrics: The measures that will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the communication plan, such as employee engagement surveys, feedback from customers and suppliers, and metrics related to the success of the change. By developing a customized change communication plan, you will ensure that their stakeholders are informed, engaged, and supportive of the change, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome. Our change communication plan is continuously updated to guarantee you change management effectiveness.

Why is a Change Communication Plan Important?

In all change management projects, the people involved in the change project want to have information about what is happening, why it is happening, and how they are affected. Most problems occur when the people affected by the change are not appropriately informed; or when communications fail. Therefore, a change communication plan is important as it helps ensure that all communication is given understandably and on time. It contains all the needed forms of conversation and implements the change communication strategy. A change communication plan is essential for several reasons: 1.Minimizes resistance to change: A change communication plan helps organizations reduce resistance to change by communicating the reasons for the change, the benefits and risks involved, and what stakeholders expect. 2.Increases stakeholder engagement: By involving stakeholders in the change process and communicating with them effectively, organizations increase their engagement and commitment to the change. 3.Builds trust: An effective change communication plan builds trust by providing transparent and consistent messaging about the change and its impacts. 4.Improves implementation: A well-executed change communication plan enhances the performance of the change by ensuring that everyone understands their role in the process and what they need to do to support the change. 5.Reduces costs: Poor communication during a change leads to confusion, delays, and mistakes, which can increase the costs of the change. A change communication plan helps prevent these issues by ensuring everyone has the information they need to support the change. A change communication plan is crucial because it will help your organization manage the human side of change, which is often the most challenging aspect of any change initiative. By communicating effectively with stakeholders, you increase your chances of success and achieve their desired outcomes more efficiently.

How does GRIFFOX support me in creating a Change Communication Plan?

GRIFFOX supports you in analyzing your corporate culture, as it is essential to ensure that your communication fits your corporate culture. Furthermore, we create a change communication plan that considers all aspects needed to ensure everybody in your company is informed. We emphasize that communication is meaningful and helps your staff build the necessary awareness and desire for change. By using an individual change communication strategy based on best practices, we guarantee you will get the best communication plan for your company.

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