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Change Management Project Kick-Off

Updated: May 24

Kick-Off, onboarding of all change project members, coordination of project structures, and finalization of project planning.

Your strategy is set, your goal is clear, and your project is planned, then let's get started.

Let's kick off your change management project!

Let's kick off your change management project!

Change project kick-off stands for the beginning of your project. All participants in the project come together, the project is presented, and the timeline is discussed.

The kick-off appointment also helps establish tasks such as assigning roles and responsibilities, setting deadlines, and creating a timeline. It also helps to create a communication plan and to set up project governance. Additionally, it is crucial to consider the project's impact and how success will be measured. We help you with all these tasks and make sure your project is well-organized and on the right track.

We at GRIFFOX are happy to support you in the kick-off by planning the meeting, inviting everyone involved, preparing the necessary presentations, creating the timeline, and moderating the kick-off event.

At the project kick-off, the team should discuss the expected change process, identify key stakeholders, and clarify roles and responsibilities. This is also the time to set expectations, review risks and dependencies, and plan for communication and training. Then the team can begin to map out a timeline and assign tasks. Once the project kick-off is complete, the team should clearly understand the project and be ready to start the change management process.

Which steps are essential in the project kick-off?

You should always start at the front in the change management project kick-off. The kick-off is the first official date and has a specific signal effect.

Which steps are essential in the project kick-off?
  • Did you invite everyone involved? Is it ensured that all participants are there?

  • Who moderates the event?

  • Who prepares the change project kick-off?

  • Who creates the documentation of the kick-off?

The kick-off meeting should always go as well as possible to ensure you run the project seriously and professionally.

What is essential when onboarding the change project team?

The kick-off is an excellent opportunity to involve the change management project participants in the topics. Here, you should never forget that you may have been involved in the change project for a long time but that the project participants may be hearing about the topic for the first time.

It is always possible that the project participants do not yet have as comprehensive knowledge on the subject as you do. Therefore, always be prepared for questions and try to answer them clearly and accurately. In this way, you help the participants get into the project and make it easier for them to get started.

How should you inform the change project team?

How should you inform the change project team?

You should always be very informative to the change project team.

Provide clear and consistent communication on the project's objectives, processes, and outcomes. Explain the benefits of the change and how the team's participation will be valuable. Be open and honest about potential problems and how they can be addressed. Additionally, support the team members and encourage them to ask questions. This will help them feel more comfortable and confident about participating in the change project. They need to get involved in the change strategy and the goal-setting process. You should inform them about the risks of the change process and why the change project is crucial for the company.

Always keep your project team updated if you want to start at the best starting point.

You should also use the kick-off meeting to coordinate and finalize all project structures.

Who has which tasks in the change management project team?

Make sure that everyone on the team understands their roles and responsibilities and has the resources they need to do their job. Give them clear instructions and be available to answer questions and provide feedback. Encourage team members to share their ideas and ideas for improvement. Lastly, provide regular updates on the progress of the project and any changes that may be needed.

Assign responsibilities

Be sure all team members understand the aims and objectives of the project, and that everyone is aware of their specific duties. Allocate jobs and make sure everyone has the necessary materials to complete them. Communicate openly and keep the lines of dialogue open. Appreciate the efforts of team members and applaud accomplishments. Keep the team in the loop of any modifications needed and give frequent updates on the progress.

  • What is the frequency of the project team's meetings?

  • Has the project's financial plan been determined?

  • How often does the team provide updates on the project's advancement?

  • Who is the team accountable to?

  • What is the protocol for any disruptions or issues that arise? Is the project overseen by a director or a management panel?

These questions are fundamental when an external project manager manages the project.

Is the timeline for your change management complete?

Is the timeline for your change management complete?

If the timeline is created based on the results of the change strategy workshop, the change project timeline is set up before the kick-off meeting.

How do you want to involve your change project team in the timeline?

Do you send the timeline to the change project team before the kick-off, or do you present the timeframe at the kick-off meeting? Both forms have advantages and disadvantages.

Anyway, it is essential to look at the complete timeline.

Sometimes it could be that topics are missing which should be added. And if the timeline is complete, you can explain it to the project team, which helps them in onboarding.

Agree on guiding principles

The kick-off meeting should also be used to agree on guiding principles like “communicate early and often to each other and all customers,” “even if we don’t agree on a decision, we will support decisions made in our project meetings,” or “we are one team and support each other in the best way.”

Guiding principles help you lay down rules on how to engage with each other and support the change project.

Roles, responsibilities, and next steps

You should also use the kick-off meeting to assign responsible roles for all activities in your timeline.

  • Who is responsible for leading the transformation effort?

  • What specific tasks need to be completed to achieve the desired outcome?

  • Who will oversee each subproject?

  • What other positions need to be filled to ensure the successful completion of the project?

Furthermore, you should clarify who is responsible for

  • Project success

  • Timeline

  • Project documentation

  • Project budget

  • Communications

The kick-off appointment helps you review the project, incorporate participants' perspectives, and ensure the project is complete. It also allows you to establish the next steps like

  • When does the first change project meeting take place?

  • Where do we meet?

  • When does the meeting start and end?

  • How often does the meeting occur (weekly/bi-weekly/..)?

Agree on guiding principles

We at GRIFFOX are happy to answer any questions about the change project kick-off and take care of your tasks.

Our service guarantees that your kick-off meeting will be successful and that your project gets off to a good start.

Reach out to us at any time.

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