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  • Thu, Feb 16
    Google Meet Webinar
    Infos about how you could be affected by the GDPR, how to comply with the GDPR, and next steps

Why choose GRIFFOX?

At GRIFFOX we believe that suitable solutions can only emerge once we have understood the customer's problem. This also requires dealing with the specific environment and looking at things holistically. A holistic view contains always aspects of strategy, change, coaching, and achieving your goals. 

Authentic approaches, a bird's eye view and smart, useful solutions are necessary to solve the problem in such a way that the customer can be successful in his particular issue.

But let's not focus on GRIFFOX.

Let's focus on you and your problem. That is our objective. And it is the reason why GRIFFOX exists: to create “Solutions for Business and Life”.

Don't hesitate and schedule an appointment today!

Grow Your Vision

Creating solutions for business and life, guiding people through challenging situations and helping them to achieve their goals.

Data Protection

Data protection is a very extensive and complex subject that is subject to a wide variety of regulatory frameworks. Due to the constant expansion of digitization, data is becoming more and more important and, depending on the industry, is moving to the center of the value chain...

Change Management

“The only constant in life is change.” Heraclitus
Changes have always been omnipresent and affect all areas of life. But how does successful change management work? What do you have to implement? And what is necessary to sustain the change? If you want to sustain the change and to manage change successful ...

Executive Coaching & Life Coaching

​Coaching is result and solution-orientated and is a support process tailored to individual needs. It helps to optimize human potential by identifying development needs and promoting them from a value-added, future-oriented perspective...

Strategic Consulting

Over the past 20 years, I have been involved in many change initiatives. There are two key ideas that have always been of particular importance to me: Exchange and consultation between managers and stakeholders as well as a clear focus on the goal and practical implementation. I have taken on a wide variety of roles and contributed ... 

Workshop Facilitation

Workshop Facilitation looks simple and straightforward at first glance. One person or a team of facilitators lead through an event, visualize the essential aspects and make sure that the boundary conditions are right so that the participants can concentrate on working out ...


Einstein said: „Once you stop learning, you start dying.“

Why do we actually need training? Training helps us to consolidate certain procedures and thus makes us more confident and self-assured. In addition, we can learn new skills or procedures that enable us to be more flexibly in our daily work. Training and seminars ...


Insides and knowledge about Change Management, Coaching, Strategy, Facilitation, Leadership, Data Protection, and more!


Your problem needs to be solved? Don't hesitate and contact me. I'm more than happy to help you.

Thank you for your message! We will be in touch with you soon!


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