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Creating solutions for business and life, guiding people through challenging situations and helping them to achieve their goals.

At GRIFFOX we believe that suitable solutions can only emerge once we have understood the customer's problem. This also requires dealing with the specific environment and looking at things holistically. Authentic approaches, a bird's eye view and smart, useful solutions are necessary to solve the problem in such a way that the customer can be successful in his particular issue.

But let's not focus on GRIFFOX.

Let's focus on you and your problem. That is our objective. And it is the reason why GRIFFOX exists: to create “Solutions for Business and Life”.

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Coaching is result and solution orientated and is a support process tailored to individual needs. It helps to optimize human potential by identifying development needs and promoting them from a value-added, future-oriented perspective.
Typical settings are:
Business Coaching
Career or Life Coaching
Coaching in conflicts or Constellation Work

Change Management

Change management is a comprehensive process that starts by defining the change and the objective, but also includes the target groups and success factors as well as the topics of leadership, corporate culture, communication and project management.

As an M.A. in Business Coaching & Change Management, as well as a PROSCI Change Practicioner, I am convinced to be able to support you in your change project in the best possible way.

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I am happy to support you in analyzing current challenges or the status quo and in determining the right strategy to achieve your goals. My tasks can be the development of solutions, implementation support or the development of communication concepts to address customers. In addition, I have comprehensive knowledge in the areas of project, process and product management. Thanks to many years of experience in various management positions, I am confident that my know-how will help you to achieve your goals.

Data Protection

Data protection can be very challenging and complex, especially when working with individuals and companies in Europe. As a data protection officer and data protection auditor, I can support and advise you on a wide range of issues, for example analysing the current situation, support in the development of data protection management systems and assessing the need for certain measures in data protection.

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By facilitation I mean a group process that has a clear goal and result orientation. It is important to relate the group, the individuals and the topic to each other and to achieve results through visualized methodologies. Facilitation can take many forms, including but not limited to: workshops of different sizes, types and orientations, digital workshop formats, classic or agile workshops.
You would rather moderate yourself? No problem! I would be happy to design workshop concepts for you, whether they be live events, digital or hybrid.

Process Management

In my opinion, process management should always be located within the company, as it provides a very deep view into the company. I would be happy to support you in the introduction, analysis, setup or even review of your process management system or just to discuss with you which steps you can take to implement KPI’s and use them for a Risk Management System.

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Product Management

Product management helps you to understand how well your products are received by your customers, which products are in demand, which products generate the highest sales or even what costs you invest in the individual products. GRIFFOX can help you with the introduction, analysis, implementation or evaluation of your product management.

Project Management

In summary, project management focuses on time, cost, and the bottom line. Since project management is multifaceted, this can lead to high complexity in the implementation of their projects. I am happy to support you in the planning, implementation, review of your projects or to be available for you in an advisory capacity.

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In recent years, I have conducted a variety of seminars and workshops in the areas of change management, leadership, process and risk management, data protection, communication and resilience. Feel free to take a look at my training page. The topic you’re looking for isn’t listed? Please contact me. I’m happy to support you.


About me

The story of GRIFFOX

I am Harald, the founder of GRIFFOX, happily married and father of 3 sons. I have worked for different health insurance companies in Germany for over 30 years with 25 years of experience in management positions before founding GRIFFOX and moving to the USA in 2022. I have held the following positions: team leader, head of customer service, head of contract management, head of audit and organization, head of marketing and sales and head of compliance.

In all these jobs, it was always important for me to be passionate, committed and solution-oriented in order to achieve the agreed upon goals and to further develop the companies I worked for. Since I like change, I have always felt very comfortable in the different projects and tasks. In doing so, it has always been my goal to work honestly and authentically, as I consider trust to be the foundation of all good working relationships.

For me, founding a company has a lot to do with taking responsibility and being passionate about what I do. Organized action, being goal and solution oriented and, above all, understanding your wishes and goals are guiding principles for my actions.

My professional attitude, which I was able to develop especially through my master studies in business coaching and change management, helps me to act as a coach, consultant, change manager, project manager or trainer and to work successfully with you.

What is the meaning of GRIFFOX?

In my professional career, I have become very aware of the importance of looking at problems from different angles in order to reach the best solution. In this respect, I have always been fascinated by the eagle. For me, this symbol represents the view from above. What does the problem look like from above? Who are the people involved? What needs to be considered? What are the cornerstones and what needs to be worked towards? What are the time constraints of the issue? And what does that make the big plan look like?

On the other hand, in everyday professional life we are always dealing with people who differ greatly from one another in their actions, who have had very different previous experiences in their lives, and who evaluate the situation very differently. For me, the image of the lion stands for this personal and authentic side of life. Just as the lion plays a very strong role, so do people, especially in the context of change. How do I change people who do not want to change? How do I deal with strong characters who are important for achieving goals? What is my personal opinion, when I am involved in a change process? Is it OK for me to switch to another role?

The lion and the eagle together form the Griffin, which is a hybrid of the two animals. Ultimately, they bring important perspectives, but have no focus on solution orientation. 

At this point, the fox has always come into play for me. Let's not kid ourselves. The fox is exactly the type that gets to the goal in problematic situations. It has a dependable and stedfast point of view, always focusing on finding solutions and achieving its goal.

The combination of these three elements was then also the birth of GRIFFOX.

GRIFFOX also acts in this triad by combining a holistic view of the problem, dealing with people from an authentic and honest perspective and focusing on being solution oriented and achieving goals.

I hope I peaked your interest and look forward to getting in touch with you.

Best regards, Harald.


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