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Strategy Consulting

I hope you do have a good business strategy and I also hope that you are achieving your desired goal.

If you are struggling then I might be able to help you and to set up a strategic plan for you or your company. I can help you in finding solutions, create concepts & plans, set up a Product Strategy, facilitate Strategy Workshops, take a Deep Dive in specific topics, support you in building your Risk strategy, and carry out different analysis for you.

When setting up a successful business strategy, it is always helpful to start with different analysis to get an overview of your business. 

A SWOT analysis helps you to get a better understanding of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Oppertunitis and Threats. Those different perspectives will make it easier for you to set up the business strategy and to start with a concrete action plan.


You can use a GAP analysis to identify the gaps in your organization.


  • Do you really know how your employees are acting in day-to-day business?

  • How long do your processes take?

  • Do you exactly know how much employees you need to perform the whole workload of a year?

  • Do you have a good strategy to take care of all of your risks?

  • Are you satisfied with your leadership team?


A PESTEL analysis might be a good way for your company to get an overview. This kind of analysis focuses on the following perspectives: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal.

Therefore, it can help you to get insights on these perspectives and lead you to new ideas. A PESTEL analysis is always helpful in a long term view.

You should also be aware of additional risks from an holistic view:


  • Financial risks - Risks arising from current income and expenses

  • Estimation risks - Risks arising from annual planning and actual development

  • Fraud risks - Risks arising from fraud or embezzlement

  • Process risks - Risks arising from inefficient processes

  • Employment risks - Risks arising from staff absences or staff turnover

  • Organizational risks - Risks arising from organizational problems

  • Experience-based risks - Risks arising from new processes or risks that arise because the previous knowledge holders are not available

  • Compliance risks - Risks that arise due to problems in complying with all regulatory requirements

I have taken on a wide variety of roles like leader, manager, strategy consultant, project manager, or business coach.


It was always essential for me to examine the status quo and the strategy for achieving the goal. However, I consider it just as important to deal with the factors influencing the achievement of goals.  

This can be the economic situation of the company as well as the customer side, sales aspects, or the communication with the customers. It is also important to understand, how the process is structured or, why organizational leadership development is necessary.


  • Who is manufacturing or distributing your products?

  • Who is responsible for customer satisfaction?

  • Who ensures the quality of your services?

  • ...

If the customer is not satisfied with the quality provided, this will always lead to problems sooner or later.

Strategy consulting helps you to analyze your specific situation and to set up an individualized action plan like Change communication. This planning must include the time planning the resource planning. Milestones will help you to keep your project running in the right direction. After the completion of the project, an evaluation should take place.


A lessons-learned or feedback round will give you additional insights for your next project.  

Strategy consulting can take on many different perspectives.

GRiFFOX Consulting can support you in every step of that process to ensure that the most efficient action plan is developed and implemented in your organization. Contributions to the project therefore consist of:​

  • the moderation of workshops using professional methods

  • the implementation of trainings for team or project leaders, e.g. regarding the topics of meeting facilitation, project management, conflict management or group leadership

  • the support of the project organization and the project planning

  • the collection and analysis of information

  • the preparation and follow-up of project meetings, e.g. setting the agenda or writing the minutes

  • the support in the preparation of presentation materials

  • the action planning and project management


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