Conversation Between Colleagues

Project Management

Projects can take very different forms. There are projects that run very well right from the start, that are fun to work on, that show quick successes, and that are well managed in terms of time and costs.

And yes, unfortunately there are also the others.

You hear about these projects again and again, when deadlines are not met, costs explode or there are problems with stakeholders.

I have experienced projects in different ways:

- as an employee in the project who was responsible for the completion of certain sub-projects

- as a project manager who was responsible for implementation, time and cost management

- as a consultant: to give input and represent a certain perspective in the project, e.g. data protection

- as a coach who asks the right questions to bring the project to success

Projects are often characterized by their high complexity and uniqueness, but also by the fact that very different people come together to achieve a certain result.

The success of projects is usually no coincidence, but the result of the tireless efforts of project management and project staff.

In successful companies, the organization is aware of the importance of the project and that certain tasks must simply be completed on time. If this is not guaranteed, delays or additional costs are inevitable. Projects must thus be set up properly in the company and carried out professionally.

Project management must always be planned individually and adapted to the circumstances of both the project and the company in order to be successful.

To achieve this, there must be a trustful and comprehensive exchange as well as a clear division of the work packages to be done.

Here I can gladly support you from different perspectives: as a

- Consultant

- Project manager

- Coach

- Trainer

Feel free to contact me and let's get into the exchange.