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What is Customer Service Training?

Updated: May 24, 2023

 Customer Service Training

Is your Customer Service great? Awesome! Let's make it greater!

And if your Customer Service is just on a good level, let's make it first great, and then awesome!

How does Customer Service Training work?

Customer Service Training analyzes and focuses on the current level of your customer service and how your customer service interacts with your customers.

  • How do you treat your customers?

  • How did your customers experience your customer service?

  • Are your customers enthusiastic about your customer service and are they looking forward to the next contact or are they glad that they can leave?

Your customer service decides whether your customers will come back again or whether they will look for another service provider or company to shop for needed products.

Thanks to the transparency of the internet, we always have the opportunity to inform about companies in advance. If a company is rated too badly for us, we will not get in touch with it. On the other hand, we have the opportunity to use the feedback from our customers to massively improve our online reputation and to use it for the growth of our company.

What are typical options to improve your customer service?

Understanding Customer Needs

Understanding your customers’ needs and expectations is important for finding the next

steps. Otherwise, you will go in the wrong direction. So, how to analyze your typical customer?

Use Customer Feedback
  • What do you know about each of our customers?

  • Which information do you have about your customer?

  • How helpful is this information?

  • What else would be helpful for you to know so you can better match their needs to your products and services?

  • Are there different sources in your company you can use? For example, there may be long-serving team members who have highly established customer relationships that can shed more insights.

  • Where do you store this information?

  • How do you use this information?

Use Customer Feedback

Use the feedback of your customers to improve your products and services.

  • Do you regularly ask customers for feedback? For example by phone, face to face, or in writing?

  • Do you use surveys to gather specific information?

  • Do you use other ways and methods to obtain information from your customers to improve your products, services, and your customer service?

Understanding Customer Needs

Customer feedback can be used in many different ways and can be gathered through a lot of different channels.

Improving Your Customer Service

There are a lot of different options to improve your customer service. Find some options below:

  • Does your customer service understand the problem? Is your customer service listening to your customer? What is your customer telling you and how is your employee acting?

  • Is your customer service understanding the goal of your customer? How satisfied might your customer be, if your customer service isn't understanding the goal?

  • Which aspects of communication can you use to satisfy your customer? How could a growth mindset help your employees? How could clear and plain language help your customer service? How could it help your customer service, if your employees are acting friendly and empathic? How can you use interventions in communication? What exactly is the role of your customer service agents?

  • Are your employees trying to understand trigger points of communication? What had happened before the communication escalated? How did your employee react? How is the customer? Why did they react in that specific way? How can you change your employee's behavior?

Delight Your Customers By Exceeding Their Expectations

  • What is your customer expecting when he is buying your goods and services?

  • How often are your customers being delighted by receiving something more than they were expecting and are those extras of value to them?

  • When did you surprise your customer last time? How?

Sometimes it is just a call.

If your customer is waiting on your answer and you are not answering, what do you think will happen?

Use Social Media To Tell A Story

Use Social Media To Tell A Story

In day-to-day business, there are a lot of stories that happen and you can use most of them to tell a story on your social media account.

Why is that important?

People who are interested in your products and services are interested in

  • What’s happening at your company?

  • How did your products and services help customers?

  • How do your employees act in daily business?

Telling a story helps you to create a better relationship with your customers and it helps you to grow your business.

Use Customer Complaints For Growth

First: Get to the root cause of your customer’s concerns and complaints to find out what is going wrong and why. Store and analyze this data as it can help you to understand:

  • What patterns are emerging?

  • When do these complaints mainly occur?

  • How are customers getting in touch with your company, if they have concerns or complaints?

  • How easy is it for them to get in touch with you?

  • When did you check last time by yourself that your process is working properly?

Set some clear boundaries of responsibilities in handling the complaint. Use the complaints of your customers to get in touch with them and see how you can turn a complaint into a growth opportunity.

  • ​What does your customer want when he complains?

  • Why is he complaining?

  • Is he right or is he wrong?

  • Did he understand everything correctly? Do you understand the complaint of your customer?

  • Where exactly is the problem?

  • What options do you have to solve that problem?

If you have the answers to these questions, you can set up the next steps and act in the right way. And if your customer is convinced too, you will be able to use the complaint as a growth opportunity.

Using customer feedback management to grow your business means integrating sales aspects into your customer service.

Sales Integration

How many leads does your customer service generate?

Sales Integration means to integrate sales activities and lead-generation processes in your customer service. Integrated approaches help you to maximize your growth and to focus on the next level.

What do you need to integrate sales successfully into your customer service?

First of all, a clear vision and a clear goal. What do you want to achieve and what is your strategy to achieve your desired outcome? What is your time frame and your scope? Does your customer service have all the needed resources? Or does your customer service need improvement through customer service training or customer service coaching?

You have to clarify these questions before you take the next steps. Otherwise, you will fail.

Furthermore, you need a sales mindset. You can only sell products or services if you want to do that. So if you don't have a mindset that fits, then you first need to change that. There are different methods to change a mindset. A method that works in most cases is customer service coaching.

If you have a vision and mindset, then you should be able to sell all products and services.

But if it is not working for you at the moment, then we should go one step back and analyze your situation. Based on a deep dive analysis, we surely will find the next steps.

Let's find your next steps!

You know your business, you know your products and services, your prices are on a competitive level, and your mindset fits, but sometimes it needs external help to be successful.

Panic is always a bad advisor. Let's brainstorm and see what your plan looks like. If you use brainstorming on a professional level, then it also helps you to motivate your staff as they are part of the brainstorming process. Your staff knows your daily business in the best way because they are normally interested to optimize as they are quickly realizing "What's in for them". Due to that, you can integrate and motivate your staff. This will help you to optimize your company.

Integrating sales helps your company to

  • maximize your lead generation scope

  • change your employee's mindset

  • optimize the outcome of your customer service

  • build better relationships with your customers

  • grow your company

Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Do you have a TEAM or just a group of people working at the same company?

Team Coaching supports you in optimizing the work relations of your employees. It helps you in building up trust and collaborate on a better level.

Team Coaching focuses on the actual situation in your team and provides a better understanding among your employees.

Due to that, it assures that a team has fewer conflicts and a higher team spirit.

But what can you do if conflicts in your team happen? How should you act and what should you consider?

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Every conflict has a story.

But if you are not involved in that story, it sometimes feels that conflicts happen out of nowhere.

If you analyze a conflict and talk to the conflict parties separately, you will realize very quickly that every conflict has a story.

Listening to the conflict parties helps to understand why the conflict has happened. Starting to understand the conflict parties is complicated if you are a part of some company because you have an opinion and you have some kind of relation to the conflict parties. That leads to the fact that you will be against one of the conflict parties.

An external professional coach like GRIFFOX is the better option to resolve conflicts and build up trust. Based on extensive experience in leading teams and departments, we can support you in conflict resolution and integrating the parties back into the teams.

Because conflicts are always different, there is no one size fits all solution. Conflicts need a deep understanding of the conflict parties and the company.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us!

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