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Updated: May 24

Who am I?

Nice to meet you! My name is Harald Lavric, I am 50 years old at the moment and yes - I am Mr. Griffox. Founder, President, and creative brain. I've worked for the last 30 years for different Health Insurance Companies in Germany as Head of Customer Management, Head of Auditing and Organization, Data Protection Officer, Head of Sales and Marketing, and Head of Compliance and Process Management.

I always took care that we (my colleagues and I) analyze problems and focus on solutions. I guess at the end of the day that was one of the big success factors in my business life so far. The other big success factor is to build up those solutions on time and reach the defined goals.

What is my passion?

I like to work in chaotic situations so that I can focus on organizing all the necessary stuff, bring the right people to a table and work with them on the next steps, set up goals for the different stakeholders, and get to work.

Yes, I am passionate and I like to work and reach goals so that everyone can reach personal and organizational improvements. So what can I do for you?

In which cases may I help you?

I always had to work in a lot of different roles, e.g. as Coach, Mentor, Change Manager, Data Protection Officer, Leader, and Project and Process Manager, I guess it is important to build an atmosphere of trust, get in touch with each other and talk authentically and honestly.

To go back to the headline, I can help you in the following cases

  • Personal and organizational change

  • Personal growth

  • Personal and organizational conflicts

  • Training in workshops in communication, facilitation, change management, leadership, data protection

  • Data Protection especially in particular cooperations between the USA and Europe

  • Project-, Process- and Product Management

What is the meaning of Griffox?

In my professional career, I have become very aware of the importance of looking at problems from different angles to reach the best solution. In this respect, I have always been fascinated by the eagle, as for me it stands for the view from above. What does the problem look like from above? Who are the people involved? What needs to be considered? What are the cornerstones and what needs to be worked towards? What is the available time horizon? And what does that make the big plan look like?

On the other hand, in everyday professional life, we are always dealing with people who differ greatly from one another in their actions, who have had very different previous experiences in their lives, and who evaluate the situation very differently. For me, the image of the lion stands for this personal and authentic side of life. Just as the lion plays a very strong role, so do people, especially in the context of change. How do I change people who do not want to change? How do I deal with strong characters who are important for achieving goals?

Lion and eagle together form the Griffin, which is a hybrid of the two animals. Ultimately, they bring important perspectives but have no focus on solution orientation.

At this point, the fox has always come into play for me. Let's not kid ourselves. The fox is exactly the type that gets to the goal in problematic situations. He has points of view on which it depends and focuses on solutions and goal achievement in the process.

Griffox also acts in this triad by combining a holistic view of the problem, dealing with people from an authentic and honest perspective, and focusing on solution orientation and goal achievement.

I hope I have aroused your interest and look forward to getting in touch with you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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